How to Scan and Repair Virus Corrupted Excel File?

Microsoft Excel is the well known application of MS Office. It helps in formatting, calculating, editing and creating spreadsheets. You can enjoy this application by installing MS Office software in your device through  It is used by individuals and enterprise for trading, accounting, Sales and marketing etc. In this blog, you will read how to scan and repair Virus Corrupted Excel File.

How to Scan Excel File for Virus?

Window security scans your files and folder to detect viruses in Excel.

  1. If you want scan any file, then you have to right click on that file. And after this, just choose the option of Scan with Microsoft Defender.
  2. You can go to the Start, and select Setting option. After this, click on Update and Security option and then choose Window Security. In Window Security window, just select Virus and Threat protection tab. In Virus and Threat protection window, choose Scan option, then select Custom Scan and then click on Scan Now option. Now, just choose the file which you want to scan.

How To Repair Virus Corrupted Excel File?

  • Open And Repair:

For this, first you have to click on the Microsoft Office button and then just click on Open option. Now, in the Open dialog box, you have to choose an infected Excel file. Then, you have to click on the arrow next to the Open tab and click on the Open and Repair option. After this, you have to click on the Repair tab to recover data or you can click on the Extract Data tab to extract values and formulas from Excel file.

  • Open With Open Office:

In this, you have to open corrupt or damaged Excel file in Open Office.  As Open Office is an open-source Office suite which can open and save the corrupt Excel virus-infected files.

  • HTML Method:

First, you have to open the Excel file and then go to “Save As” option. In the “Save As Type” option, from the drop-down list you have to choose “Web Page”. If you want to recover the entire document, then you have to select “Entire Workbook” and just click on “Save” option. Now the file is saved, you have to in the folder where you saved the file. For this, you have to click “File” option and then select “open” option to find the file. Then you have to right-click on the file and just select “Open with Microsoft Office Excel”. After the document is open, then you have to  go to “Save As” option and select Excel format which is next to the “Save As Type” option. Then you have to give Page Title, which is not similar to the original corrupted file.  At the end, click “Save” option.

  •  SYLK Method (Symbolic Link Format):

First, you have to open the Excel file and then save it in SYLK format. Through this, the damaged elements get filtered and then it discards the filtered elements to repair the corrupted Excel XLS or XLSX file.

  • Move the File:

If this method does not repair the infected Excel file then you should move the corrupt file to another folder, drive, because due to the virus infection you are not able to access the Excel file. You can also open Excel file on another computer and then scan Excel file for virus online.

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This method helps to scan and repair Virus Corrupted Excel File. If you are still facing the issues then you can visit to the site of MS Office via