How You Can Increase Google Storage Space for Free?

Normally, Google provides 15 GB storage space to each user on remote servers for free. Here, you can buy more storage space from Google. But there is a way to increase your Google Storage space for free and in this blog you will read the method. For more details about storage space in Google, you can contact to the Microsoft Support team via

Method To Increase Google Storage Space:

1.Check the Storage Space you have:

As you all know that Google connects all user accounts, so that they can access in their devices, like PCs, laptops, tablets, or phones. Hence, you must use the app in your phone to use backup services or you can access your hard drive which helps you to know how much exactly you got space. And also you can check it through your Drive portal or by going to the Google One portal.

2. Clean your Gmail account:

Gmail is the popular email service. But if the customers are using Gmail for years, then they should clear the junk from it. For this, you should open your Spam folder and then you should look at the several Spam emails list. Here at the top of the list, you should click on Delete all spam messages now. After this, you should confirm the actions.

Always keep in mind, Spam folder is a place where phishing emails goes. Hence, you should not open attachments or don’t click on links in these emails, as it might be infected with malware.

It is very necessary, that you should delete emails with large attachments. For this, you should open your email account. Then, you should type the following in your Gmail search bar: has:attachment larger:5M

Remember, you can replace 5 with any number as it represents the size of the file in Megabyes. Now, you should mark the emails which you no longer needed or you can click on Select all at the top. After this, you should click on the trash can icon. At last, you should open Trash folder and just delete everything which is located there.

3. Change Photos Storage Settings:

For this, you should go to your Google Photos page. Then, you have to click on cogwheel icon which is located at the top-right side of the screen and then click on Settings. At this point, you should click on High Quality option. Here, it will ask you whether you want to compress the existing photos, as this will increase Google storage space. If you wish to do this, then you should click on this option and then you have to click on Confirm button. Keep in mind that this method will take some time and then Google will inform you about the Compressing photos & videos to high quality. It gives you the notification that the process is being carried out.

If in case, the user is using the Pixel phones, then Google will allow the unlimited storage space for these device owners.

4. Delete Hidden App Files and Data on your Google Drive:

Most of the users don’t know that the Google keeps hidden app data in your Google Drive account. But if these files are not cleaned for long period, then it takes up a lot of space. Hence, you should clear the app files time to time. For this, you should open your Google Drive. Then, you should click on cogwheel icon which is located at the top-right side of the screen and then click on Settings option. After this, you should go to Manage Apps section. Here under each app, you should click on Options and then select Delete hidden app data. Here, you can also see the items which take the storage space on Google Drive and then delete everything which is no longer needed.

For help and support, you should contact Microsoft Team via

How To Purchase and Install Microsoft 365 for Home?

If the user wants to install Microsoft 365 for Home in their device, then they must read this blog.  And for help, the customer can anytime contact to the customer care of MS Office via

Purchase a Microsoft 365 for Home Subscription:

If you are purchasing a subscription to Microsoft 365, then first you have to choose the version of Office which you want and then provide your payment information.

Now, you should open a web browser and then go to Then, you should sign in to your Microsoft account. After this, the Office portal opens up on your screen where you can access the Office Online apps and here, you can manage your Office subscription. At this point, you should select Buy Office. Here, you should select Buy now option for the Office subscription which you want if you are paying an annual subscription fee. After this, you should Review the information in the Cart and then select Checkout. Then, you have to select a payment type. For this, you can choose either a credit card or debit card, PayPal, or bank account. At this point, you should enter the payment details and then select Save option. Then, you should select Place order. Now, your order processes and then you will get an email receipt for the transaction.

Install Microsoft 365 for Home:

When you purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription, then you have to install Office on your PC. For this, you should use the computer where you want to install Office. Then, you have to go to the Microsoft 365 portal page and then just sign in to your Microsoft account. Now, you should select Install Office. Here, on the Microsoft 365 Home web page, you should select Install Office. At this point, on the Download and install Microsoft 365 Home screen, you should select Install. After this, according to the web browser you use, you will see a prompt to Run or Save the downloaded file. Here, you should select Run option. Then, you should installs the Office apps. After the installation complete, then Office will ask you to enter an email or phone number so that you get a download link for the Office mobile apps.

Activate Microsoft 365 for Home:

When you install Office, you should activate your subscription. And to activate Office, you should open one of the Office apps, like Word. Then, you should enter your Microsoft email address and password. Now, on the Accept the license agreement screen, you should select Accept. Here, the Office app opens and you should create Office documents and spreadsheets.

Share Your Microsoft 365 Home Subscription with Others

If you want to share a Microsoft 365 Home subscription, then you should sign in with the Microsoft account which you use to set up Microsoft 365. Now on the Office portal page, you should select Install Office. Then, you have to select the Sharing tab and then select Start sharing. Here on the Share Office window, you should choose one of the option:

Invite via email: In this, a link is send in an email message.

Invite via link: In this, it creates a link which you can copy and then you can give to the person in an email, or a text message etc.

Now when your family member will get the link, then they can use the link to install Office in their Computer.

For more details about Office installation, you can visit to the official site of MS Office through

How You Can Scan Documents With Your Android or IOS Phone?

With the updated features in iOS and Google Drive, you can scan the documents with your phone or tablet. This app, scans the document by using your device camera and sometimes converts it into a PDF automatically. For help, you can contact to the Microsoft team via In this blog, you will read how to scan documents with your Android or IOS phone.

Scan Documents With iOS:

First, you should open the Notes app and then create a new note. Now, you should click on the Camera icon and then select Scan Documents. Then, you have to position the phone camera over the document. It will focuses and captures an image, and you can also do it manually by clicking on the shutter button. After this, you should scan a page, and then drag the handles to crop the scan. Here, you should click on Keep Scan to continue. Now, you should repeat the process for all the pages which you want to scan. At last, when you finish, then you have to select Save option.

Scan Documents With Android:

You must have Google Drive app installed in your device to scan documents. Normally, this app comes pre-installed on Android devices. But if you don’t have this app, then you should download it from the Google Play Store.

For this, first you have to open Google Drive and then click on the + symbol. Now under the Create New tab, you should select Scan option. Then, you have to position the phone camera over the document and then click on the Shutter button if you want to capture the image. After this, you should click on the check mark to keep the scan or you can click on the back arrow icon just to retake it. Here, you should click on the + symbol to scan more images or you can click on Save option to finish and to upload your document to Google Drive. You can also crop the scan, rotate it, or just change the color. After you complete scanning your documents, then just enter a file name for your new PDF and then select the folder to save it in. At last, you should select Save option.

Scan Documents With Adobe Scan:

If in case, you want to use a third-party app to scan and then create PDFs of documents. For this, first you have to open the app and then log in with a Google. Now, you should click on the screen or the shutter button to scan the document. Here, the app locate the borders and then takes a picture for you. After this, you should drag the handles to adjust the borders, and then click on Continue button. You can rotate it, crop it, change the color of the document. At last, click on Save PDF which is in the upper-right side of the screen just to save it.

For more help or support, you can contact to the Microsoft team via

Quick Way To Resolve One Drive Error 0x8004de40

One Drive is the very useful application of MS Office and you can install this application via Sometimes users encounter One Drive issue, and this error occurs if there is some connectivity issue. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution of the One Drive Error Code 0x8004de40.

Solution To Fix One Drive Error Code 0x8004de40: Office.Com/Myaccount

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: First, you should make sure that the cable in plugged in properly. If in case, it is a wireless connection, then you should check that your router is up and running smoothly. You can also reboot your router. Secondly, you should launch your web browser and then open a couple of web pages. If you see that your browser is successfully loading the pages, then there are no issues with your internet connection.
  2. Change the Internet Properties: For this, you need to press Windows Key + R to open Run dialog box. After this, you should type inetcpl.cpl and then click OK option to open the Internet Properties window. Now in the Internet Properties window, you should open the Advanced tab. Then under Settings, you should scroll down and locate the following options and just check their boxes:
    Use TLS 1.0
    Use TLS 1.1
    Use TLS 1.2
    After this, you should click on Apply option and then OK button to save the changes. At last, just reboot your computer and the check the error is fixed or not.
  3. Disable Proxy Setting:
    You should hit on Windows Key + R key on your keyboard to open Run. Then, you should type inetcpl.cpl and tap on Enter key to continue. After this, you should go to the Connections tab and then just click on LAN settings. Now, you should mark the Automatically detect settings option and then unmark the option Use a proxy server for your LAN. At the end, you should click on the Apply option and then hit on OK button to save the changes.
  4. Reset Window Socket:
    For this, you should type cmd in the search box. Then you need to right-click on Command Prompt option and after this, you should select Run as Administrator. Now in the Command Prompt window, you should type the following command and then tap on Enter key.
    netsh winsock reset catalog
    When the command is successfully executed, then you should close the command prompt and at last, just you need to restart your PC.
  5. Reset One Drive:
    Here, you have to press Windows Key + R key at the same time to open Run. Then you should enter or paste the command: %localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive.exe /reset in the box and then press Enter key on your keyboard or just tap on OK button. This command will reset your OneDrive application. Now, you have to paste this command: %localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive.exe in the Run dialog box and just tap on OK option to immediately launch OneDrive just after the reset procedure. Now you should restart your computer and the OneDrive will run smoothly without any error message.

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The above method helps to fix One Drive Error Code 0x8004de40. If the user is still facing One Drive issue, then they can call the expert of MS Office via

When Discord is Not Connecting! What to Do?

Discord is basically the group chatting app in which you can make voice; video and text message to your friends and colleagues. It is available for Mac, PC, IPhone and Android devices. But if Discord is not connecting properly then it will prevent you from sending messages and from accessing the content which is downloaded in the app. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution if Discord is not working properly. If you need technical support then you can contact to the customer care of Microsoft through

Causes for Discord Not Working:

The causes of Discord not working are high volumes of traffic, if there is internet connectivity issues and if there is corrupted app data.

Solution to Fix Discord Not Connecting Issue:

  1. The first thing you should do is to check the Discord’s status and services. Because it is possible the services may be down that is why it is causing the issue. You can check the current status of Discord through
  2. You must check your internet connection as it might be possible that your smartphone is out of range and not getting connectivity properly. So, you must check internet connection on other apps like Facebook or Twitter to verify it.
  3. You should disable Airplane Mode because the Airplane Mode disables all the cellular and internet connections.
  4. You should temporarily disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone or Android smartphone because may be you are using a dead Wi-Fi signal. And just use your cellular network to check that now you can connect to Discord or not.
  5. To fix the issue, you should properly close the app and wait for some time and then again reopen it.
  6. You should update your Discord app so that it can connect to the Discord servers.
  7. You should also update your operating system as it fixes internet connectivity errors and make your device more secure and efficient.
  8. You can restart your device as this fixes a wide variety of technical issues as well as connectivity issues.
  9. In case, you are using Windows 10, then you should right-click on the Discord app’s icon in File Explorer and then just select Troubleshoot compatibility. This will quickly scan your device and the app’s files and immediately fix the error.
  10. You should turned off the proxy server settings as it can disrupt a connection to Discord.
  11.  If you are using a VPN internet connection, then it can also affect Discord so you must turn it off temporarily in your device.
  12. You should change your DNS servers and just set the Preferred DNS Server to and the Alternate DNS Server to As this might fixes the error.
  13. In spite of the above solutions, if you are still facing the issue then you should delete the Discord app from your device and again try to reinstalling it.

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The above method will help you to fix the issue if Discord is not connecting. But if you still face the issue, then you can contact to the technical team of Microsoft for help via