Use Skype Recorder To Record Calls

Skype call is very easy to record but you should always make sure that the other person should know that their call is being recorded and they must be agree to it. Skype also considers everybody privacy so it inform everybody that their call is being recorded. This facility is available in Skype 8.0, desktop and in mobile versions. In this article, you will read how to record Skye calls.

How to Record Calls on Skype?

For this, first you have to make a HD video call or phone call to another person. When the connection is being made then you can record your phone conversation. For recording, you have select More option i.e. (+) symbol and after this, just click on Start Recording option. When the call started recording, Skype will inform everybody that the call is being recorded. In video call, everybody‘s video and their shared desktop will also be recorded. After recording, you have to select Stop Recording. Here the recording will be saved in the Skype Chat pane. If in case, you forgot to Stop recording then the Skype will automatically stop recording your call. If you want your recording, then you can select Chat option, and from here you can choose your recording. All the members who are in the conversation can see the Skype recording and can also save the file in their PC. You can share these files with others and remember that the recording file will be stored in the MP4 file in the cloud for 30 days.

How You Can Save Skype Calls Recordings?

Skype recording will be saved in the cloud for 30 days and before 30 days, you can download the recorded Skype meeting. If you want to download the recording to your PC, then you have to open Chats option and after this, just select a conversation. Now you have to select More Options and then click on Save to Downloads to save the file.

How to Share Skype Recordings?

If you want to share a recording, then you have to open the Skype Chats pane and then just select the conversation which you have recorded. After this, you have to select More Options and then click on Forward. Now in Forward Message, you have to type a message and then enter the people with which you want to share. You can select the people from the list. At the end, you have to select Done.

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