Steps to troubleshoot MS Office error code 30180-4

Steps to troubleshoot MS Office error code 30180-4

Microsoft Office suite is the software which is designed for homes, offices, business, institutions and hospitals. It is mainly consist of applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, Outlook, OneNote, and One Drive etc. This software is used for many purposes like to make documents, create spreadsheets and make presentations. It is easy to install via But sometimes while installing MS Office, users face error code 30180-4. This error occurs mainly because of the system files damage, corruption, or also because of previous installation files not removed properly.

Reasons for the error code 30180-4

The reasons for the MS Office Error code 30180-4 are firewall or antivirus program which blocks the office installation, incomplete installation, removal of the previous internet connection or proxy setting results in this error code. Older version of MS Office prevent from installing the newer version of MS Office suite.

Steps to troubleshoot error code 30180-4 are as follows:

Step 1: Repair the MS Office App:

First, go to start then visit to the control panel option. Then go to the option of Programs and in this choose the option Programs and Feature. After this click on the MS Office software which you want to repair. Now click on Change option. At the end click on Quick Repair, if the error is not fixed then choose the Online Repair option.

Step 2: Delete the Microsoft Office manually:

If the error code is still occurring then remove the MS Office programs from your device.

Step 3: Remove the Window Installer Package:

First of all, find the MS Office Installation folder and type C:\Program Files\ and right click on the MS Office folder and then choose the option delete.

Step 4: Remove all the MS Office scheduled tasks:

To remove the MS Office scheduled tasks, visit to the command prompt window as an administrator. Then type the following instructions and press enter after each command.

schtasks.exe /delete /tn “\Microsoft\Office\Office Click To run Service Monitor”

schtasks.exe /delete /tn “\Microsoft\Office\Office Automatic Updates”

schtasks.exe /delete /tn “\Microsoft\Office\Office Subscription Maintenance”

Step 5: To end the click to run task, Use the task manager:

First go to the task manager, click on the process tab. If the process is running, then right click on it and click on the end task after each process.



Step 6: Remove the MS Office files:

First go to the Window Logo Key+ R for open the Run Dialogue Box. Then in the open box, type %Program Files% and then press ok. Then delete the Microsoft Office folder. After this in the run dialogue box, type the %Program Files(x86) % and press ok button. Now delete the Microsoft Office folder.

Step 7: Delete the MS Office Registry Sub Keys:

First go to the Registry Editor and delete the following registry sub keys.




Now delete the office keys.

Step 8: Install and download the MS Office:

First of all go to the My Account page and select the install option. And click on Run option. When you will find that you are good to go then click on all done.

If you are still facing some problem, then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via Call on the toll free number for support.

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