Uses of Microsoft Power Point in Day to day Life

Uses of Microsoft Power Point in Day to day Life:

Microsoft Office is the setup which is useful for homes, business, offices, institutions, hospitals, and also for schools. . It is consists of many apps like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Publisher, MS Access, and MS Outlook etc. These helps to create and edit document, also to create spreadsheet by using mathematical calculations, and for creating presentations etc. It is very easy to install via

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoint is the software which helps to present data and information by using text, images and diagrams with animation and transitional effects. This helps to present data in front of audience easily.

Uses of Microsoft PowerPoint in various sectors:

1. Use of MS PowerPoint in Education:

In schools, PowerPoint is very helpful for the teachers because they can create an interest in students about the chapter by covering the chapter in different slide. Because each slides, they can highlight the chapter by charts, texts, shapes and animations. This makes the presentation more exciting, creative, and knowledgeable. This method increase their technological thinking and imaginations. Presentation also creates interest in the student for learning. This is quick learning process because videos make more interest in student mind rather than reading

MS PowerPoint in Education

2. Uses of MS PowerPoint in Business:

This is easiest application in MS Office. PowerPoint in business is used to create a business plan, organizational structure, marketing plan and execution strategies. Formatting options are also available in MS PowerPoint. You can present the data in slides. This will helpful in seminars and meetings. Through this you can train your team and remote workers- how to do listing, send emails and schedule social media posts by using images, diagram and circles. You can use Smart Art in PowerPoint to create organizational chart. You can create animated marketing videos which you can upload to YouTube.  As PowerPoint has exceptional tool and affects so you don’t need to use special animation software. Custom Animation helpful in creating short story telling movies.

MS PowerPoint in Business

3. Uses of PowerPoint for Housewives:

Housewives can create presentation, to teach their kids. They can also create photo album about the precious moment they spend with their family. They can create a family chart by using Smart Art.

4. Uses of PowerPoint in Governance and Citizen Service:

You can use PowerPoint in Governance, to create Adhar Card, and process of applying in Driving License. We can watch these slides in the government websites. In this you can add the images of the office and department. Citizens find it easy to access government services when they visit any government office.

PowerPoint in Governance and Citizen Service

5. Uses of PowerPoint for Job Seekers:

Through this you can create a digital resumes or Multimedia Resumes. This is the unique way of presenting knowledge in front of Interviewers.

PowerPoint for Job Seekers

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