How You Can Delete Bookmarks in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, MS Edge and Safari?

Sometimes users saved bookmarks on the web browsers, which save the time of the people when they browse on the web. But if they want to delete bookmarks then they must read this blog. For help, just go to the official site of Microsoft via

Delete Bookmarks in Different Browser:

  1. Delete Bookmarks on Chrome: First, you have to open the browser and then click on the three dots just to open the menu. After this, you have to click on Bookmarks and then select Bookmark Manager. Here, you should select the bookmark which you want to edit or delete. Then, you have to click on More or three dots which is located on the right of the bookmark and then just choose Delete option. At this point, you can also choose All just by clicking on Ctrl+A key.

    Delete all Bookmarks in Folder on Chrome: You have to open the Bookmark Manager from the menu. Then, you have to choose the folder which you want to edit. After this, you have to click on Delete to permanently delete all the bookmarks which is there in that folder.
  2. Delete Bookmarks in Firefox:

    Delete a single Bookmark on Firefox: For this, you have to open the page which is bookmarked. Then, you have to click the Star and then choose to Remove.

    Delete Multiple Bookmarks on Firefox: For this, you have to click on the Library button which is on the browser and then select Bookmarks. After this, click on Show All Bookmarks, and then on the left you have to click on the folder which you want to view. Here, you have to select items. Remember, with Command or Ctrl you can choose more items. Then, you should click on the gear icon and then select Delete.
  3. Delete Bookmarks on Microsoft Edge:
    First, you have to click on the Hub button which is on the browser. Then, you should choose the Favorites tab with the Star icon. Here this is the Bookmarks folder, now you can check the bookmark and then select Delete.
  4. Delete Bookmarks on Internet Explorer:
    You should go to the IE browser and then right-click on any of the Bookmark. After this, you should select Delete. Then, you should click the Star just to see the Favorites tab and then press Alt + C, and then click the tab. Now, Favorites manager will show you all the bookmarks. And you should delete the full folder.
  5. Delete Bookmarks on Mac:

    Delete Bookmarks on Safari:
    You should open Safari and then click on the Sidebar button which is in the toolbar. Now, you should choose Bookmarks/ Favorites button. After this, you should Control-click the bookmark which you need and then select Delete.
  6. Delete Bookmarks on iPad or iPhone: You have to open Safari and tap on the Bookmarks button. Then, you will see the saved Bookmarks. Here, you have to select the Edit button and then tap the – button which is next to it. Now, you should choose to Delete it and then confirm.

The above method will help you to delete the Bookmarks in all browsers. For more details about Browsers, you can contact Microsoft via

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