How You Can Easily Export Data To Excel?

MS Excel is the very useful app, and used for formatting, editing, creating spreadsheets etc. You can easily install this app by going to the official site of Microsoft via In this blog, you will read how you can export data to Excel.

3 Different Method To Export Data To

1. Using Export Wizard: You can Export Access Data To Excel by Using Export Wizard. For this, you have to close the opened Excel workbook before you begin the export process. Now, you have to go to the Access database and just select of the data which you want to export. Then, you have to click to the External Data tab and then just visit to the export group. And from this group, just click on the Excel icon. Here, you will view the dialog box of Export – Excel Spreadsheet opened up. Now, you have to assign the file name for your excel workbook. Then in the box of File Format, you should select file format which you want. In case, you want to export the formatted data then you can select the option Export data with formatting and layout. If you want your Excel worksheet open automatically after the export process then you should check sign across the “Open the destination file after the export operation is complete”

In case, you want to export the selected records then you should select the option “Export only the selected records”. But if you want to export the entire record then you should leave the Export only the selected records checkbox empty. At last, click on Ok option. Through this way, exporting Access data to Excel accomplished and your Excel workbook gets opened on your screen.

2. Exporting Data To Excel From A Button: First, you should go to the User Queries Window and then from Tools menu, you should select “Design Mode” or click on the “Design Mode” button. Then from the shortcut menu, you should click on the “Create button” option. After this, you need to click on the “Edit Text” option. Here just assign a name for the button. Here from the drop-down list, in the “Link to” section, you can select the query which you want to get run through the button. Then from the section “Output to”, you should select the “Application” button. After this, click on the OK button which is there in the Create Button dialog box. Now, you should exit from the Design Mode. And for this, you should go to the tool menu and then select the design mode. To save your created button, you should go to the File menu and click on the “Save” option. After this, you should click on the created button, and then it will run the query. And then the button will automatically export data to Excel.

 3. Exporting Report Data To Excel: For this, you have to configure the Excel export setting. First, you have to select the Settings icon located at the top-right hand side of the page. After this, select the Settings option. Then from the Report Excel Export Format, you have to select the latest versions .xml format. But in case, you are using an older excel version then you should select the .csv format. After this, select the option Compress Excel Email Attachment just for compressing the email attachments and then just send it in .zip files format. Now, you should click on the Save option.

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To export data to Excel, then you should open the Reports whose data you want to export. Now on the top right side of the screen, you should click on Excel export icon. After this, Excel file will get generated.

The above method will help you to export data to Excel. If you need help, then contact to the customer care of MS Office via

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