How to Resolve Excel Pivot Table Problem?

How to Resolve Excel Pivot Table Problem? Office.Com/Setup

Microsoft Office is the great software which has many applications like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and Outlook etc. You can install this amazing software through All the application of MS Office increases the productivity of the user and makes their work easier than before. It regularly updates its application to give its user more advanced feature and protection from unknown threat. Excel application helps the user in formatting, editing, making spreadsheets and you can use this software on the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. 

But sometimes the customer faces some problem in MS Excel like Pivot table problem. In this blog, you will read how to solve the Pivot table problem.

Resolve Excel Pivot Table Problem:

  1. Pivot Table Not Refreshing Data: Pivot table do not get refresh by itself so first you have to refresh Pivot Table. For this, you have to click anywhere in your Pivot Table. You will see that the Pivot Table Tools appears on your Excel ribbon. After this, you have to tap on Analyze and then click on Options button. Here from the Data tab you have to choose the check box”Refresh data when opening the file”. This will refresh your data automatically.
  2. Refresh a Pivot Messes Up Column Width: If you do not want your Pivot column and width messes up then you have to click anywhere in your Pivot Table. This will show you the PivotTable Tools on your Excel ribbon. Now just click on Analyze option and then hit on Option button. After this, you have to go to the Layout & Format tab, and then choose these two options: Autofit column widths on update and Preserve cell formatting on update.
  3. Excel Pivot Table Sum Value Not Working: The reason of this error is when there is blank cells in the value column of your data. If you have just one empty cell in the values column, it will consider the whole column as text based.
    If there are some text cells in the value column of your data. Then it will turn your pivot table sum values to count. This happen when the user has downloads the data from any external system.
  4. Pivot Table Grouping Affects Another Pivot Table: To solve this, you have to create a second Pivot Cache. For this, you have to cut down your 2nd pivot table. Then open a new Excel workbook and just paste it. Here you have to make changes in the grouping of 2nd pivot table. After this, you have to cut your 2nd pivot table which you have just pasted in the new workbook. Now you have to paste it back in your original workbook. This will create two separate pivot caches and now you can group each of your pivot table.
  5. Excel Pivot Table Not Showing Data: To show all Pivot field data, you have to right click on the pivot table item and then click on the Field settings options. When the Field Settings dialog box open, you have to click on the Layout & Print tab. Now you have to check the check box ‘Show items with no data’. At last, click on OK button.

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