Advanced MS Excel Skills You Should Know

Microsoft Office is the excellent software which is consists of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Outlook. You can install this excellent software through This software helps the common computer user, a professional. It gives user friendly interface and supports all the gadgets like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. It saves lot of time and money of the customer. It increases the productivity of the organization and helps the employees to do their work efficiently and effectively. MS Excel is the very useful application of MS Office and it is used for creating spreadsheets. Those who are the regular user of MS Excel must know the advanced skills of MS Excel. In this blog, you will read the advanced skills of MS Excel which everybody should know.

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What are the Advanced Skills of MS Excel?

  1. Choose the Right Layout: The first thing for creating a spreadsheet, you should do a little planning. Then you should understand your data, and make a layout of your spreadsheet so that you can achieve what you want. This will make your work easier and accurate.
  2. Use Fill Function: This function makes your work easier and less time-consuming. For creating a complex report, you can make use of the Excel’s “Fill Across Sheets” tool. Through this you can duplicate one sheet across many others quickly.
  3. Use Named Ranges: You should use named ranges, in this you do not have to put the symbols on anchor refs. You can use names in formulas, or you can select a named range. Through this, you can create a named range on one sheet and you can also use that name on other sheet.
  4. Formatting: When you create your spreadsheet, first you have to enter data or review data. You can select the fonts, sizes and colors, so that your spreadsheet becomes easy to understand. You can use Bold or Italics, for the headers so that there is a difference between the data and the header. Use this formatting till last one.
  5. Protecting Your Work: It is very important to protect your Excel file. You can prevent others for making any changes in your Excel sheet. You can secure formula cells by stop any other changes, and also stop the rows and columns from being resized. It stops the user from making any changes in the structure of the workbook.
  6. Use Keyword Shortcuts: Basically, users use mouse to do action in Excel, but if you use the keyboard it will make your work easy and also speed up your work and saves time.
  7. Converting to PDF: If you really want your client to look at the data of your spreadsheet, then you should convert your spreadsheet to PDF. You do not require any software for converting spreadsheet to PDF.

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